What is Radical Route?

"Society is constantly telling us who we should be: what's acceptable and what's not, what success is, what failure is, and so on and so forth. To be a Radical for me is to challenge every belief I have. Because so much of it is a product of my environment and not inherently mine. To be a Radical is to realize that everything you need in this life in within you. To be a radical is to prioritize your inner peace and defy the overwhelming pressure our everyday lives put on us." ~ Nebiyou K.

Why take the Radical Route?

We encourage all to become Radicals and discover what their Radical Route consists of. Radicals are people who embrace and accept differences. They are people who want to promote change in this world for the better! We want for others to be able to see that being a Radical is joining a support system.

As a brand,

Radical Route focuses on educating, empowering, and providing for our audience. Our purpose is to bridge the gap between African & African Diaspora cultures. We are creating a platform that would represent a safe place for all different cultures. We hope that giving exposure to different minority cultures will help erase the stereotypes that construct our society, by making something unfamiliar no longer be a bad thing. This exposure will also help other minorities begin to see the beauty behind having a similar struggle, which comes with the power of unity. We hope for people to be able to turn to Radical for help of any kind. We understand that there are different avenues of interest for individuals. Therefore, we make sure to continue to create alternative routes as ways of inspiration for our fellow Radicals. Our Radical Routes’ consist of clothing, dancing, art, and Radical Brand Partnerships (RBP). Through these different routes we plan to continue to find creative ways to provide exposure of different cultures to our audience. Whether that is a dance collaboration with people of different cultures, artwork in other languages, clothing partnerships with different black businesses, or teaching people how to garden in their own backyard, all have the same purpose which is to educate, empower, and provide for our Radicals.


Dance: Our dance route is where the journey of being a Radical truly evolved. As members of Boston College African dance team, we have experienced how important dancing can be for individuals. Dancing became a way for us to momentarily forget about what is going on in the world, and solely focus on how the music made us feel in that moment. While dancing was used as an emotional support system for us, it also gave us the chance to learn about other cultures. Over the past 4 years we have learned so much from our peers, and it has shaped who we are and our views on the world. 

We began to realize how important it is for the world to learn about other cultures that exist in this world, and the importance of normalizing differences. Our society is programmed to group ourselves with what is familiar. We prefer to be told what we already know to be normal instead of learning what different types of normals there can be. Dancing will give a fun and interactive way to show people something that may be different from what they are used to. The songs may sound different, the moves may look different, but the feeling of dancing is something we can all agree on. Dancing is our Radical Route because it can break cultural barriers and help us empower one another.

Art: Our art route is used to explain what cannot always be formed into words. Art is a form of expression. It is something that has the ability to speak for itself. It has the power to tell a story without saying a word. Art is not limited to drawings, and Radical Route will not limit others' creativity! In fact, in this route you will have the ability to tell us what it is that you would want to see represented in this section. We do our best to make sure all of our Radicals get what they need out of this route. 

In this route there will be plenty of visuals from our very own Yakob Kebede. Additionally, we will be continuing to add artwork from other artists through our brand partnership. We understand that everybody has their own story, and their own interpretations. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to give other artists a plethora of options so they can accurately determine what they feel is important. 

Clothing : Radical Route Clothing is our Apparel that is a collection, reflection and integration of designs that are inspired by our art route & our culture and ideologies. Through our clothing we hope to provide a sense of unity and expression to our Radicals. And for an  individual that wears Radical Route Clothing, we hope to embed the idea of supporting differences; embracing his/her gift, identity and roots within our apparel. We  understand the importance of having a support system, and we want to provide that support for our Radicals.

RBP : Radical Brand Partnerships is our networking route. We continue to find alternative ways to empower, educate, and provide for our fellow Radicals. Through our RBP’s, other businesses may use our platform to grow their business. The idea is for us to create a platform that would allow us to grow together.  We must focus on uniting our different passions and gifts to show the world.  Help  erase the stereotypes that are used to keep us down. Through the Carro platform, along with individual connections,  we hope to build partnerships with other black businesses  to give our fellow Radicals easy access to support others. 

Creating this brand has allowed us to express our culture in more than one way. And we want to extend this opportunity to others by providing a platform that would give them the opportunity to show their way of expression. Radical is a company for all. If you want to take part in our mission, please contact us with your ideas! We would love to discuss how we can help you become a part of our RBPs.